Bajaj Majestry RFX 2 Room Heater Supplier in madhya pradesh

Navneet Maheswari is a brand name for Bajaj Majesty RFX 2 Room Heater supplier in madhya pradesh. The Bajaj Room Heater (Black) is the most acceptable option if you're seeking a room heater to help you beat the winter and the summer. Enjoy this room heater to the fullest and use its superb characteristics to make winter and summer pleasant. Some of its highlighting features are:

  • Two-in-one heater

The Bajaj room heater serves as a cooling device or a portable fan in the summer in addition to heating your room in the winter. Additionally, to have an integrated fan and cooler, this heater also has a cool touch housing feature that keeps the outside of the heater comfortable to touch.

  • Two Heat Setting

There are two heat settings on this room heater, each of which uses 1000 or 2000 watts of power. You don't have to worry about the winter's chill because the heater works in both configurations. In addition, it has a thermal fuse, self-resetting thermal cut-out, and overheating safety so that you may use this heater safely and without worry.

  • A programmable thermostat

Get connect with largest supplier of Bajaj Majestry RFX 2 Room Heater in Ora. The room heater's heat is turned off by the adjustable thermostat feature, which also guarantees that overheating is avoided, protecting your children and others from injury. This provides everyone with a Quadra Safety Assurance.

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