Bajaj Cooler PCF 25 Dlx Supplier in indore

Navneet Maheswari is the primary Bajaj PCF 25 Dlx supplier in indore. One of the benefits of Bajaj air coolers is their ease. For ease of movement, the majority of our models incorporate castor wheels. They also have a neon indicator and an automatic water level. The water inlet opening and overflow setup are included with the air coolers. Our air coolers' circuits are durable, inverter compatible, and long-lasting. Always performing quality maintenance is the key to an air cooler's long lifespan. As a result, we have included cutting-edge technologies in our air coolers that make them simple to maintain.

Some of the critical features due to which we are a notable Bajaj PCF 25 Dlx supplier in indore are listed below:

  • 24-liter capacity; suitable for rooms up to 150 square feet. All climates and coastal areas are suitable
  • The product's dimensions (LxBxH) are 36.5 cm x 33 cm x 70.5 cm.
  • Alarm for an empty tank: No Hexacool Technology: Hexagonally shaped, specially developed cooling media provide optimal cooling with minimal water use.
  • Technology for turbofans: Using fans to circulate air more effectively during cooling
  • 4-way Mobility is made possible by castor wheels with 4-way motion.
  • Strong Air Throw: Strong air throw for best long-range air reach.
  • Three-side honeycomb pads on the 3 Side Cooler Master provide optimal cooling.
  • 80 watts of power; 220 to 240 volts of operating voltage
  • Super Air Delivery: Faster Cooling with High Air Delivery
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