Havells SPN DB (Distribution Board) Supplier in rajasthan

A high-end product from Havells is the MCB Distribution Board SPN/TPN Distribution Board. A well-known e-commerce platform for a high-quality selection of MCB Distribution Boards is Navneet Maheswari. All Havells MCB Distribution Board SPN/TPN Distribution Boards are made with high-quality components and cutting-edge manufacturing processes, making them up to the standards in this complicated industry. The components used to make the Havells MCB Distribution Board SPN/TPN Distribution Board are obtained from the most reputable and authorized suppliers, chosen following thorough market research. The market recognizes Havells products as being of the highest caliber. We are committed to offering a superb selection of Havells MCB Distribution Boards. Navneet Maheswari is one of the best Havells SPN DB (Distribution Board) supplier in rajasthan.

Some of the highlighting product features are:

  • Universal mounting as per IS 13032, 8623 (Part 3), including copper bus bar, neutral link, earth link, and earthing studs
  • knockouts on both sides of the detachable gland plates
  • Double-door DBs Single Phase And Neutral masking sheets
  • Conditional short circuit rating of 16 kA, fully type-tested to BS EN 60439
  • High-performance MCB in B, C, or D curve, 10kA BS 60898 and 15kA BS 60947-2
  • busbar rating of 125 A
  • Isobar disconnection system protects against unnecessary exit routes
  • Possibility of utilizing distributed neutral kit to change outgoing neutral on all circuit boards
  • Terminal block for 100A of feeding
  • Switch disconnectors, residual current devices, and terminal blocks are some examples of incomers.

Due to its usability, we are a rapid Havells SPN DB (Distribution Board) supplier in rajasthan.

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